Sunday, September 21, 2014

CH239: Paella Night

I So my housemate and I just finished hosting our Paella night. She made a seafood paella Negra while I made a simple chicken, chorizo and shrimp paella.

I am so happy it turned out well considering it was my first time making the dish and I must say without any conceit that it's almost at par with the one I tried in barcelona :)

Definitely feeling fulfilled about this culinary accomplishment!

I learned after peeling four cloves of garlic that you need to crush it first before you peel to make it easier.

Cooking paella needs constant attention so the bottom doesn't burn too much!

Presentation makes the food tastier! Make it look good and instagram the shit out of it.


My housemates seafood paella negra


So happy my great friends Paul and Eugene could make it by!


  1. grabe yun paella nakakapaglaway sa sarap kahit sa photos ko lang nakikita/ ganda ng itsura hihihi

    1. thank you! hahaha mas masarap nga pag may paandar sa presentation :))