Monday, September 8, 2014

CH237: Life's a beach

[Update] The hotel manager of W Hotel just called me to inform me that they have found my wallet in the lady's toilet. :)

Life's a bitch. My wallet was stolen last weekend at W Hotel. In the span of 10 minutes from when I last saw it...boom. Gone.

I think it was the veuve clicquot champagne that made me impervious to the dangers of a theft. Oh well

I've moved on from the loss of some money, my Mont Blanc card holder, 1 ATM, 2 credit cards, fitness first membership card, Starbucks card and Singapore IC. I watched Fight Club the same evening and as Tyler Durden said "The things you own end up owning you." So, que cera.

I've moved on to dreaming of getting this one which is currently out of stock Except in MBS.

Or I'll just make do with the other Mont Blanc wallet my ex gave me and buy the Prada in Milan when I go in December.


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    1. go ka friend! La union is just a few hours away (6?) or baler! sulitin na ang bakasyon diyan sa pinas