Sunday, November 24, 2013

CH191: Moving to More

Packing the stuff to move

Throwing away the unnecessary 

The new room pre move

The new room

the wardrobe

The mess

Finally finished the move

Getting settled in
As some of you may be aware (from Facebook), I've just finished moving room from Beach Road to Farrer Park. The reason for the move is simple, I want some place more convenient going to the office. Now, just 5 mins away is a bus stop where the bus going straight to the office goes through. Considering how much I've cabbed the past month, I say, the additional cost to the room is well worth it. The taxi charges will go well into offsetting the additional expense for the room.

It's quite nostalgic moving into City Square Residence for the plain and simple reason that this is where CP used to stay. I can't even remember the room as it's been so long ago. Now, I also have no reason not to miss any work out or the gym as the excuse of feeling tired from the commute should be well resolved. Plus, the pool in the condominium is about 50m (maybe?) so I can get back to swimming again!

Time to enjoy the new place and the new surroundings! Conveniently, the condominium - or more specifically, the block where I am, is just a stone throw away from City Square Mall! Hahaha, and guess what store welcomes me at the entrance? Cedele!  All the cakes on display, yummy! I've always felt before that moving into a condominium would be excessive and a waste of money. But after living in Singapore for about 2 years, 9 months and 2-3 weeks now, I can say, that maybe I deserve this opportunity to actually enjoy the place I am staying in. So, I've stayed in 4 different places, equal to the number of times I've transferred work.


  1. Is that a park I see outside your window? :D

    1. Yep! It's a park with a small playground...:-)

  2. Well pede nlng yung mga patapon na hihihihi , nice pad! Inggit much me