Sunday, November 3, 2013

CH189: Creations

I still am amazed and envious how people can have an artistic ability and talent. It's not something I can comprehend why some are able to create something that is able to draw emotions out of people. I have no talent in drawing or giving life to my visualization. There's a disconnect between my mind/imagination and my hands.

Last Sunday, I cooked up a salad. Rockets. Cherry tomatoes. Crushed cashew. Pan fried honey mustard chicken. Goat cheese (I looooveee goat cheese!). It turned out surprisingly well! The rockets were coated with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The goat cheese was freshly bought but I made the mistake of putting it in freezer while I was prepping so I had to improvise how to get it warmed up well enough to mix in well with the salad.

This Sunday, I went to the Singapore Arts Museum to see the exhibits for the Singapore Biennale 2013. As earlier mentioned, I have no talent. But I delight in the escape art brings. I like how some pieces can evoke such contemplation and feelings as to take you out of your present reality and be absorbed into the imagination and creativity of the artist.

The 5 Principle No-s, Iswanto Hartono and Raqs Media Collective (Indonesia)

Payatas, Oliver Villamiel (Philippines)


Payatas, Up close shot of doll heads

Untitled, Marisa Darasavath (Laos)



The Sick Classroom, Nge Lay (Myanmar)

Peace Can Be Realised Even Without Order, teamlab (Japan)

Wag Wag Wonderland, Carlo Villafuerte (Philippines)

I, Baguio, Ben Cabrera (Philippines)

Bury My Soul in the Chico River, Santiago Bose (Philippines)

Detritus, Leslie De Chavez (Philippines)

Fruits of Life, Adrian Ho (Borneo Malaysia)

Full Production, Adrian Ho (Borneo Malaysia)

Between Worlds, Nasirun (Indonesia)

Between Worlds up close shot

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