Monday, September 9, 2013

CH181: Applause

My housemates must be thinking: "Man, hasnt that guy gotten sick of hearing the same song?!" Well, I can only hope that they're not hearing it through closed doors - but I've been playing Lady Gaga's Applause from YouTube ALOT!

I am a fan of Lady Gaga for reasons like, she's the Madonna of this generation (I'd like to say I'm still part of that generation) despite being in the late 20s haha. I like the evolution in her music and approach to present it to her fans. Although, this song in particular is reminiscent of her tunes from The Fame album. The Fame Monster and Born This Way had a darker and edgier tone to the music.

Given that I have limited exposure to American modern art, her reference to Jeff Koons is a bit lost on me. Although, some people have likened her approach to melding art and music to someone like Andy Warhol, when I think about it through my limited exposure to art, I feel she's more Jackson Pollock (i.e. his drip painting style) where the approach Lady Gaga takes is quite considered. Considered in the sense that there's order amid the chaos of presentation. And you have to appreciate the thought behind Lady Gaga as a persona and the body of people behind it to assist the person create and execute the persona.

Profile Picture
In a different form of applause, I just got my fix of applause with Facebook likes for a change of profile picture. LOL. Although, I'd like to put out the disclaimer that I didn't change it to get attention - I simply changed it because it has been drizzling the whole day in SG, and a summer post on the beach seemed highly inappropriate. (Note: I've played Applause 7x at this point of typing this haha)

Regarding work, in relation to the song, I feel like the reason why I get bored so quickly with work is because the ones I've gotten so far since coming to SG does not really give me the opportunity to shine. Shine in the sense of being challenge and not shining in the sense of getting attention for the achievement. I think I'm at a point in my life where I challenge myself to please myself and not others - well, I guess it will just be a plus to be noticed.

But, I'm not sure at the moment whether it's just me, or it's the actual work that's the source of the *eye-roll* boredom. To explain this further, I hear a lot of people say they're stressed from work, etc. But whenever I get asked, I'm more like, "yeah, it's okay." The safest answer I could give without giving too much away. So, the point of contemplation is, am i expecting too much challenge to be presented? I mean, yes, I should be thankful for the relatively stress free work environment and relatively easy work load - but is it easy only because it's me and how I make of it? That if other people were in my position, they'd be like, "oh i love this job and how it's challenging me?"

Or then again, I could be falling under the stereotype of the 20 something people who are not satisfied with the job they have. I feel though that I am successful compared to my peers, but I don't feel like I should be resting on my laurels just because of that. I want to keep pushing the boundaries. But at the moment, since I'm new at the job (just turning two months), I think I should stop bickering and find other things to preoccupy myself and actually enjoy and appreciate where I am at.

And, hahaha, I nearly forgot to type it in, I'm an uncle again! My sister in law gave birth to my niece earlier today. Welcome to the family Ysabel Patricia! ;) (clap clap clap). So excited to have heard the good news and the safe delivery of baby Ysa. My nephew Yoshua will be a big brother now. Would be interesting and nice to see how he grows up. And, from the looks of it, the siblings look very very similar during birth. Yay to good cute genes! :) Although, I hope there wont be much of any sibling rivalry considering how close their birthdays are. September 9 and September 26.


  1. I found myself surprised and disturbed that Applause is the first Gaga hit that I got tired of listening to, as compared to her previous hits (Just Dance, Telephone, Born This Way, etc.). It turns out it's because the song is just too full of energy, it exhausts me whenever I put it on repeat. I think it's also because Applause is not as "singable" for me as compared to her other hits, I find it's really meant to be danced with rather than to be sung or listened to.

    That said...have you listed to her previewed songs from the iTunes festival? Any favorites? :D

    1. Sorry, that should be "listened"! >_<'

    2. no, i havent heard her preview songs from the itunes festival she performed at in London. hahaha too full of energy though? i didnt really get that, but there is a certain appeal to the song not quite there in her other tracks from previous albums.

      cant believe there's still two months before her album is out - so i should expect another single to come out before then :)

  2. Hi tipz how can i contact you in sg gusto ko sana magkaroon ng madami friends sa sg:)

    1. Hindi po gusto ko lang kita makilala at magkaroon ng madami friends dito. Dito narin ako nagstay sa sg. Pwede po ba?:)

    2. lol. po? im not that old! :)) well, you can follow me on twitter, most of the friends i have here in sg who are filipino are also on twitter :) (twitter: tipzstamatic)