Thursday, April 26, 2007


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ION is kicking in my system. i have been going through my days lately without coffee - just ION. Well, it's the best energy drink around - i think - well, if you base it on the taste alone...I have tried Bacchus - just tasted like medicine soda! hahaha...

on to other things.

Well, I was nearly brought to ears by one of the segment in American Idol: Idol Gives Back. I really liked how Carrie Underwood sang Stand by Me (by whomever I don't really know who did the original)...I was also really amazed and had goosebumps at the effort American idol showed in trying to really find a way of giving back to the less fortunate Americans and the more less fortunate Africans. There was this one segment where they featured a young kid whose entirely family is gone and he's left with his sister. They make a real effort to go to school and study as well as maintain a they live in a slum which according to Seacrest was the size of Central Park, NY (I don't know how big that is) and in that area, 1.2 million Africans live. I was moved.

Yey! I was able to make the RF ASK Module work. I did the necessary antenna adjustments...accomplished that yesterday...and did a simple program that would transmit and receive via UART0. Well, to say the least, I am impressed by the progress I am making. Well, in a way, it's boosting my self-confidence of actually making something work. Well, I have had bad experiences before and it's always the lack in self-confidence in electronics that's kind of putting me down...but, on I am getting over it. I am glad.

The Slovanian exchange between Bruce and Tina was a great idea. Well, for one thing, I am quite entertained. But, I never really find the time to watch Pinoy Big Brother, most of the time, I forget it's even on air because I am watching other channels. Here are some shows that I spend my time watching:

1. grey's anatomy - I just love how tragic the episodes I have seen so far are. Well, the only two episodes I really remember are the ones where there was this man who had a bomb stuck in his lung and when Burke was shot and izzie had already cut the "life line" of Danny. I was really disturbed by the tragic storyline. Of course, I couldn't wait for next week to see what happens so I even read the episode recap of it hehehe.

2. Avatar: The Last Airbended - Man, this is one of the best animations I have seen. Not because of the animation but more on the storyline. It's cartoon but it's not exactly meant just for the younger audiences. In fact, the show contains mature themes like rage - well that's mature right? Hmm, I have already finished the two seasons...and i even had to go to Quiapo to get myself a copy. Well, I couldn't wait for the rest of the 30% of the two seasons I was downloading.

3. Well, I said to myself that I'l be watching Prison Break season 2 when the whole season is finished...but....I just can't seem to avoid watching the series being aired at Crime and Suspense Channel during thursdays at ten.

4. CSI season something. Man! This has got to be one of the best seasons - well if not, then one of the season that had the best "series of episodes." I was so captivated by their serial killer who created models of the scene of the crime - on point. Well, I was disappointed with how they ended it, but the story nevertheless was satisfactory...I also liked the episode on the is going on a sabbatical?! He's going to teach at some University?! OH no! well, something to look forward to.

5. On Tuesdays, well, I like watching the Search for the next doll. It doesn't exactly feel like another talent show of the sort. Well, the challenges I think are more exciting and it's a SHOW.  I just can't quite put my finger on it. But, the show is good.


Haay....Well, for other other things. I like the life I am living right now...I just have so much time in my hands...ahhhhhh.....freedom. Well, the past year was a year of trials and stuff...but I did get my fair share of experience and I am thankful for Circuit for giving me that opportunity. But now, I have to keep myself busy not only in my acads (for honorific amibtions) as well as in IRC (for accomplishing the undergraduate research project). I love my locker at IRC. it's useful. IRC has a very cold temperature which I am thoroughly liking - as well as - well, it's a learning experience especially with the RF modules that I am working on. Haay...Life. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that sometimes, I do doubt my decision in going through my 190->198 alone. I mean, all the other batchmates that I have in IRC have groups/mates. I was offered if I wanted to be in a group and I simply answered, well, hmm...I forgot exactly which of the two I said: was it - Sir, if I can do the project by myself, then why not - or was it - oh never mind the other - I think this was what I said. So, yeah, sometimes I do doubt the choice that I made - but - the reason behind the initial conviction is that, in the real world, you will need to be independent. And I figured that, by working on this endeavor alone (like other irc grads, jonats, ren and rj) then if I do indeed make it through in one piece, then I can say that I am ready for the world that I am about to face (if i do decide to get a job - which is still a decision left hanging because I may want to take up MS - with an initial condition - if I get accepted as TA - which, is still not clear but will soon be made clear).

So on with the post - independence. 

no, just kidding. that's about it. I may post about it some other time. Hmm...for some weird reason, I keep forgetting that I do have a stat 101 exam tomorrow. No wait, that's probably because I studied it last monday thinking that it would be on tuesday which ended up NOT - because it's tomorrow.

good night.

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