Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CH43: Surpassing Boundaries

Quite unexpectedly, during my run today, I was able to run 5km straight.
This is the first time ever I was able to run the whole 5km straight. Prior, I used to stop at 3km to have a water break.

But for some reason, when I reached 3km, I forced my mind and body to keep going  telling it to take a rest at 4km instead. Then at 4km, I tell myself to just force it into the home run distance of 5km.

Which made me realize, well, I was able to surpass my limits/boundaries. When I bought the nike+ipod set (I use my nano not Iphone to track), I told myself that I should train myself and achieve that goal by September. LOL. I had 4 months to train and achieve the distance.

It's like a case of shooting for the moon but landing close enough to be satisfied with the achievement. But in this case, I overshot it and reached Mars. LOL. I'm so happy to have been able to achieve this running feat. This link was the inspiration behind the successful run (and hopefully successful future runs):

The read is so applicable for many cases. I imagine it being applicable to the state the Philippines is in, to the people I know who are full of regrets, to the people I know who want to achieve more but are unable to do so, etc etc.

It is also applicable in many aspects of my life. For this instance, losing weight. It's all about overcoming your doubts and pushing through. In another instance, about wanting to achieve more in my career but not being able to do so  - blaming it on external factors - but forgetting to count myself in the blame. But, for the career aspect, I'm quite pleased with the track i'm in. If I play my cards right, I know I'll achieve what I want to achieve.

Prior to achieving this goal, I posted something on twitter. A quote.
What you see doing in life may not be what you are destined for.

I got the realization when I was on my way home. I thought to myself, before, what do I see myself doing? I told myself, well, I can't imagine myself being so tied-up acting all professional in all aspect and demeanor. I saw myself like a programmer, wearing casual clothes, going to work to debug etc. But life led me elsewhere. It's not to say I'm all suited up or what, but well, it's hard to define.

[edit] I didn't like what I was doing during my first employment. I had to take a 3-4 month sabbatical in order for me to assess and realize for myself how I want to move forward. Well, I didn't go for retooling - but instead stuck to the career I was put in. And it's not a matter of doing what you love - but loving what you do. Love in the sense that is learned - not acquired.

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